Globe Dye Works was established in 1865 along the Little Tacony Creek (now Torresdale Avenue) in Frankford by Richard Greenwood and William Bault. Over the years, the facility increased in number and size of buildings as each subsequent new section was built and integrated into the whole.

The company that sustained the buildings was an economic engine, churning out its product for 140 years. The Greenwood family ran the business, dyeing and winding yarn in the same buildings until 2005.

For a more detailed history of Globe Dye Works' and Philadelphia's industrial past, visit Workshop of the World: Globe Dye Works.

For more information on the history of the Frankford neighborhood, visit The Historical Society of Frankford.

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Our Story

Globe Development Group acquired the facility from the Greenwood family in December 2007. After over a decade, our mission of converting one of Philadelphia's most venerable textile manufacturing facilities into work spaces for the city's creative community is nearly complete. GDG is dedicated to delivering quality, affordable studios to our tenants while simultaneously building a supportive community that fosters cooperation and success. Today, Globe Dye Works is one of the most celebrated creative compounds in the city. 

The slideshow below consists of photos taken at Globe Dye Works in January 2008.